Monday, July 25, 2011

Pet to the Peeves

soo guess who hasn't been on their blog in forever. my friend. well lets see whats goin on in my extremely eventful life. 1. I turned 16. that's about it. i guess i will list just ten of my many pet peeves now. ready. set. ho.

1. canned fruit at room temperature.
2. my dog
3. when people think they are funny and i have to be nice and laugh at their jokes.
4. when people make that sword type sound with their teeth when they eat with silver wear.
5. when people chew gum and food with their mouths open extremely obnoxiously
6. when someone is giving a speech or something and say like or smack their lips every two seconds.
7. cartoon network
8. when someone asks me how i have been when we both know they don't care.
9. room temperature drinks
10. little kids practicing violin.

im really nice though.bye.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

weird how its tuesday

well if you look at some of the first posts ive done, I had this thing that i would do where i said Today I.... and i would say 10 things i mainly did that day and for the tenth i wrote my overall feeling of the day. well im gonna randomely do those again now so here goes something. en to the joy.

Today I....

1. woke up at my g-mas house at 7 to go to the mud caves in the morning.
2. Found out i couldnt go. Gosh dang git
3. went back to g-mas for some monkey bread.(freaking delish)
4. Decided to finally start my chores.
4. Finished my chores. WOOP WOOP DIDDLY DOOP!
6. FINALLY took a shower. It was about time.
7. Got all cutesy without even knowing what i was dressing up for.
8. Got to hang with the GURLZZZ
9. Realized i put in two sixes in this little thing.
10. am satisfied

im still doing the pic/vid of the day so heres it! im in the mood for some pranks. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday: first day of spring break

Well i woke up late today, went to work at 3 and now im at my G-mas house having a sleepover. YESSS.Im feeling very accomplished today. HA. i dont know why but today was another boring day in the life of MEE. so heres to a Good night sleep. oh ya and carol inited me to go to the mud caves tomorrow and im freaking out. apparently we have to crawl through a hole the size of who knows what and im extremely clostrophobic. wish me luck to nt DIE. well heres to THAT. heres a pic i just found of how big this stupid gay hole is so heres to DEATH.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today..... was a good one

well today is Sunday. WOOP WOOP DIDDLY DOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found out i made it into CHORALE for my next years choir!!!! i am sooo excited and next year my choir will be going to carnagy hall (if thats how you spell it..) in NEW YORK!!! i am soo excited. on top of THAT my dad finally decided to hire one of my best friends, carol. I am just on the verge of crapping my pants. today was soo great. oh ya and it was my brothers birthday! haha sorry jake i love your guts! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE POOPS! heres the vid of the day! i was hanging out with michelle the other day and we randomly chose words and looked up videos and we decided to type in pajamas and this is one of the videos that came up... HA

Friday, March 11, 2011


Today was the last day of school until spring break!although this spring break will be a big fat crap. so i guess i am just gonna stay here and kill myself because its super hot already in mesa. I hate it here. But also love it i guess? my mom and dad think that im asleep so i best be running off to beddy bye heres the vid of the day i guess...  in case you didnt know i absolutely am IN LOVE and OBSESSED with MIRANDA SINGS :):):):):):) heres one of my all time favorites of her.. HA.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I REALLY need to stop this nonsense what is this like 3 days late? well the only thing interesting that has happened is choir callbacks and worksky. i also went shopping and got some freaking cute crap. its about time! seriously, before i went shopping i looked like crap over and over again. Sucks. Today was the last of my auditions for choir for next year and im freaking out for the results during spring break. I am going to HATE this spring break. I was gonna go to Cali but too many people took off work for that week so we cant even do anything. GAYYYYYY. I guess i can just hang with butties (spelt this way on purpose) Im going to have a great outlook on this spring break anyways so heres for THAT. the vid of the day. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

welllll whata ya know, another DOUBLE DOOSEY

HIIIIIIII so sorry friends, amigos and creeps i missed the beloved day of WEDNESDAY. Part of the reason for this is because i have been UBER DUBER busy. I get to give a young womens camp recognition thing on saturday sooooo i had to prepare for that. Along with that was aims and today i have my choir concert. woop woop! (woot woot is for owls) so im all dressed up in my ugg butt dress and im ready to go in like.. NOW. HOLY CRAP. I gots to go sowy bye guys! heres a quick whatevs video. i saw this when i was looking up a song to sing on my uke so haha pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows..